Elena Gallego Andrada

Elena Gallego Andrada has a degree in Hispanic Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid where she followed doctoral courses.

At that time she began to study Japanese in a self-taught way. She came to Japan in 1993 as a professor at Ritsumeikan University and also taught at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. She studied Japanese literature at the University of Kyoto and is a pioneer in her specialty, Theory of the translation of Japanese literature into Spanish based on the deep knowledge of both cultures, which is the subject of her doctoral thesis (University of Seville, 2002, Outstanding Cum laude). A pioneer in the direct translation of Japanese literature into Spanish, together with Montse Watkins (1955-2000) at the Luna Books publishing house in Japan, she translated for the first time into Spanish authors such as Miyazawa Kenji, Mushanokoji Saneatsu, Mori Ogai, Dazai Osamu and Shiga Naoya. From April to September 2015 she cohosted the program entitled “Let's Enjoy Japanese Literature in Spanish” on Japanese National Radio (NHK). From 2002 till 2020 she was a tenured professor of Spanish and Translation Theory at the Sofia University of Tokyo. She is currently devoted to research and translation of Japanese literature.

Desde el 2004 al 2020 fue profesora titular de Español y Teoría de la Traducción en la Universidad Sofía de Tokio. En la actualidad se dedica a la investigación y la traducción directa de literatura japonesa.

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Chelo Alvarez-Stehle

Chelo Alvarez-Stehle is a journalist and documentary filmmaker born and raised in Spain. In 1991, she moved to Japan with the CEE's Executive Training Programme in Japan fellowship. In Tokyo, she worked on documentaries for NHK and as a correspondent for the Spanish daily El Mundo. In 1995, she moves to Los Angles, where she continues writing for El Mundo, and transitions to documentary filmmaking. In 2002, Canal+ Spain transforms her first report on child trafficking in the Himalayas into the documentary film TIN GIRLS. She has produced/directed made several short documentaries, among them, SOLD IN AMERICA: A Modern-Day Tale of Sex Slavery, and produced the short THROUGH THE WALL about a family divided by the US / Mexico border, winner of the 2106 Imagen Awards. Her feature documentary, SANDS OF SILENCE: Waves of Courage, on sexual violence and trafficking, has won awards on both sides of the Atlantic and presented at the United Nations in New York and at the European Parliament.

Her journalistic and documentary film work has been published and featured, among others, in GEO, Planeta Humano, El País, The Malibu Times, The Huffington Post, la revista DocumentaryThe Guardian and broadcast on Spain's RTVE, and in the U.S., on the WORLD Channel and the PBS system.

En estos momentos desarrolla un documental sobre autores de agresiones sexuales, colabora como productora/directora en el documental colectivo PAUSED: Life under Covid-19, y es productora de impacto del documental NASRIN sobre la abogada iraní Nasrin Sotoudeh condenada a 38 años de cárcel y 148 latigazos por defender los derechos humanos y de la mujer.

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