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Montse Watkins leaves Barcelona behind

and lands in Japan in the 80s



spellbound by the classic cinema and

the mystery of the archipelago



As a journalist,

she reveals the injustices of its hidden face



and seeks answers in the universe of its literature.



In the documentary, her alter ego comes alive

in an agonizing doll that she rescues at a flea market.



It is the doll, whom, after her owner's early passing,

sets up to recover her from oblivion by telling her story.


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Teaser Credits

Producer/Director  Chelo Alvarez-Stehle
Executive Producer  Elena Gallego Andrada
Editor  Laura Sola
Director of Photography Jiro Kumakura

Filmed in Tokyo and Kamakura


 Tomi Okiyama  ~  Masakuni Ota  ~  Hideko Karasawa  ~  Mario Castro Ganoza

Gonzalo Robledo  ~  Gregory Zambrano  ~  Fernando Iriart  ~  Mayuko Shibata


Tomi Okiyama and Cristian Hidalgo

Documentary Project

In Development
Elena Gallego Andrada
Chelo Alvarez-Stehle – innerLENS Productions 
Efthymia Zymvragaki – Gris Medio SCP

Chelo Alvarez-Stehle with Montse Watkins at Montse's. Kamakura, 1996

Seed Funding

Selected to

With the support of Spanish intellectuals:
Marga Iriarte  ~  Eugenia Tusquets  ~  Care Santos  ~  Laura Freixas
Carme Riera  ~  Cristina Morató  ~  Ramón Vilaró  ~  Marta Sanz  ~  Rosa Montero
and the backing of

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